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Project Alpha 2004
Saturday, October 2, 2004
Shady Oak Baptist Church Campus
Greenville, South Carolina 29605

Development Workshop for Parents

"Breaking the Silence: Talking to my Child About Sex"
(10:15 am – 11:00 am)

"The Challenges of Rearing a Son in a One Parent Home"
(11:00 am – 11:45 am)


The goal of the parent workshop is to help parents to strengthen some of their personal skills and understanding that may bring about even more positive interactions with their children.


• To help parents increase their awareness with regard to children

• To provide an opportunity for dialogue between parents, exchanging ideas which lead to problem solving

• To provide a base for blending the youth home life with the goals and objectives sound life choices and decisions

• To provide the parent with insight to various issues with youth relating to alcohol/drugs, ill health issues, personal development, youth/gang violence, staying in school, career and the work world

• To strengthen the female "head of household" with a better understanding of their sons.