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Released August 14, 2004

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Greenville, SC
CONTACT: Don Weston & Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark:

Delegates represent Gamma Gamma Lambda
at the 2004 Convention

Philadelphia, PA: Bros. Don Weston & Bobby Clark represented Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter as delegates at the 98th Anniversary Constitutional Convention at the Philadelphia Marriott (August 5-8, 2004). Normally, Alpha Phi Alpha has a general convention every two years and off-year conventions for special purposes. This year’s convention was hailed a Constitutional Convention because of more than seventy amendments which were being considered. Only sixteen amendments were accepted and will be sent to chapters for ratification.

Here is a list of some public outcomes and announcements results:

• Bro. Darryl Matthews was named 32nd General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Bro. Matthews will take office in January 2005.

• Regional Caucuses were held on Friday afternoon. At the Southern Region caucus, two candidates vying for Southern Regional Vice President - Bros. Melvin Stroble and Everett Ward – addressed the brotherhood on their goals and vision for the region.

• Plans for the Centennial Convention in 2006 were revealed. Centennial Pilgrimage to Cornell University was rescheduled until 2005.

• Alpha Phi Alpha has raised more three million internally for the MLK Memorial Fund. Pi Alpha (Clemson Univ.) was awarded the MLK Collegiate Award for Southern Regional for raising the most funds toward the MLK Memorial.

The next Convention will be held in Houston, TX and will a full General Convention in July 2005.


Bros. Clark and Weston in front the Delegates Certification

Bros. Weston, Melvin Stroble & Ralph Johnson attend the MLK Luncheon

Pi Alpha's Jason German received Southern Region Collegiate MLK award for the chapter at the MLK Luncheon.

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