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Released July 5, 2006

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Greenville, SC
CONTACT: Rudy Simmons
(864) 884-1906

Bobby Clark
Editor to the Sphinx

GGL Releases Chapter Notes
on Public Web site

Greenville, SC: Greenville, SC: Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter has released the current
version of the Chapter President's Notes to on the Chapter's Web site. The move has been made to improve communication to current and members new the area. GGL's President's Notes gives monthly account of the chapter's activities and upcoming events, as well as timely on information on Chapter meeting time and location. Past distributions were done at Chapter Meetings, on the Chapter Email listing or via Postal delivery. However, it was suggested a recent Chapter retreat making it available on the public web site move might improve communication among members.

"Today is an exciting and evolutionary period in the life of Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter. We are proud to share our goals, accomplishments, and community-oriented actions through words and pictures for each of you, our important stakeholders, to read and be made aware", says, President Chapter Rudy Simmons. "Whether you are an Alphabette, a future aspirant of the fraternity, a brother seeking reclamation, or a current financial member, this awesome presentation which we call the President's Notes brings you into the world of the one of the most respected chapters in the SC District and Southern Region. Thanks for your interest and enjoy your reading. Feel free to give us feedback."

The current release will be made available on the Chapter web site,, but no past archives of older notes will be maintained. Interested parties can download the current release as a portable document file (PDF) and open the release with Adobe's Reader, which is available for free.

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