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Released 10/6/2004
Updated on 10/25/2004

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Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter
Contact: Don R. Weston
Telephone: (864) 968-0776 and/or (864) 254-5619
P. O. Box 5244
Greenville, South Carolina 29606

Other participating chapters:

Pi Alpha Chapter,
Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Xi Theta Lambda,
Spartanburg, SC

Upstate “Guy-talk” seminar is the most successful to date.

Greenville, SC – Project Alpha 2004 was held at Shady Oak Baptist Church on October 2. This year event was the largest seminar to date with 135 young men and more 60 Brothers, parents, and other volunteers. Project Alpha was sponsored by Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter along with the Upstate Chapters from Spartanburg and Clemson University.

“This is a tremendous response from the community,” said Bro. Ron Barton, Pastor of Shady Oak, “it shows how much this program is needed.” Project Alpha is a national partnership with the March of Dimes and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The program’s goal is to inform young men about being sexual responsible and give them “real-world” examples of how to make good choices in their lives.

Seminar topics such as included "Keeping It Real: Male Roles and Responsibilities in Relationships", "Seeing between the Lines: Is it Possible to have a Healthy Relationship with my Father?”, and "The Consequences of Pimpin’: The Dangers of Unplanned and Unprotected Sex, "Law and Order: Knowing the Limit when it Come to Male/Female Relationships".

Many of the speakers gave frank discussions about the real consequences of bad choices and dispelled many myths about sexual relationships. “You would be surprised by the amount of misinformation some of these young men had about their bodies”, say Bro. Will Gregg, one the speakers for the event.

This year the event added two seminars for parents: “The Challenges of Rearing a Son in a One Parent Home”, and "Breaking the Silence: Talking to my Child about Sex”. “We wanted to engage parents so we added the seminars to this year’s event. We this will help to continue the discussion between parent and son after the program has ended”, says Bro. Don Weston, Program Chairman.

Value assistance was given to the seminar from the membership of Shady Oak Baptist Church, Ford Motor Credit, Upstate Urban League, Jack-in-the-box, and WJMZ 107.3. Since 1998 the Upstate Project Alpha has reached more 450 young men.

Brothers and Participants after the seminar.
More 190 people attended the event.

Brothers work at the Registration a table. All Participants received T-shirts and certificates for attending the seminar.

Bro. Weston leads the Opening session.135 young men attended the seminar, making it the largest seminar to date.

After lunch, several of the young men played games including basketball, horseshoes, and table tennis.

First of All, Servants of All, We shall Transcend All