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Released 2/14/2007

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Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter
Coordinator:Will Gregg

Written by Mandy Robinson
Pictures taken Bobby Clark

Other participating chapters:

  • PI ALPHA CHAPTER, Clemson Univeristy,
    Clemson, SC
  • XI THETA LAMBDA, Spartanburg, SC
  • RHO DELTA LAMBDA, Anderson, SC

To right:Last year's Project Alpha had 75 participants (click enlarge)

Upstate Chapters participate in a state-wide Project Alpha effort

GREENVILLE, SC– Community leaders hoped words of warning are betting than ramblings of ramification, as the Gamma Gamma Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated hosted the organization’s annual Project Alpha program on Jan. 27 at the Phillis Wheatley Center in Greenville. The event was also attended by other update chapters from the Spartanburg, Anderson, and Clemson areas.

Approximately 75 students from ages 12-17 attended the program intended to strengthen the sexual and social welfare of young males. Project Alpha consisted of a series of seminars and workshops, discussing sexual responsibility and awareness. Area One Director and Project Alpha Coordinator Will Gregg facilitated the program, also serving as a program presenter. The Upstate program was a part of a larger state-wide program which more than 450 young men attend the seminars across the state.

Stacy Mills, pastor of Mountain View Baptist Church, opened the program with an address of motivation and inspiration, called “Dating Rights and Responsibilities – What’s my Role?” Gregg led one student workshop, entitled “Smashing: The Reality of Unplanned and Unprotected Sex,” during which the participants discussed sexual responsibility, abstinence and self-assurance. Jeff Weston, Solicitor for the City of Greenville, conducted a second student workshop designated, “Choices: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Law.” During this presentation, participants were given an overview of relationships, rape, and applicable laws.

The final presentation was rendered by Deputy T.C. Taylor, a member of the Gang Task Force of the Greenville County Sheriff Department. During “Meet Me in the Park. It’s Going Down – Avoiding Gangs and Violence,” Taylor informed students and parents of the threat of gang violence and crime.

From registration to the closing remarks, the participants acquired constructive information while providing encouragement for the imminent state of the community.

“Project Alpha was very inspirational,” said Gamma Gamma Lambda president Rudy Simmons. “The turnout was great. With the feedback we received from that group, with regards to sexual abstinence and being more responsible out in society, we feel that we definitely made an impact, and that they are now going to go out in society and, not only be responsible young men, but reach other youths who did not come to the program.

“ They can influence them with the positive things that came from the programs, so that others can be responsible. As we multiply our efforts in reaching young men, we feel that we will have a much more responsible society in the next generation, moving forward.”

Parents also attended a pair of workshops. The first, conducted by Kelly Walker, president and chief executive officer of the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition, was entitled, “Why is it so hard to talk about sex?” and offered parents pointers and methods useful in discussing sexuality with their children.

The second parent workshop was entitled “Baby Momma Drama – Who is Responsible for Parenting?” Led by Frank Floyd, career development specialist at Hughes Academy, this workshop provided parents a perspective on family principles and structure.

Although pleased with the event, Simmons expects the success of this year’s Project Alpha to foster further involvement in the near future. “We want to reach out to the community even more,” he said, “get the word out even more, so we can reach young men, not just in the general area. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have 300 or more each year. That’s our goal. That’s our aim for the coming years with Project Alpha.”

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